Senior Men

British Athletics League

The British Athletics League is the premier Track & Field competition for Men. The competition is split into 5 leagues – the Premiership to Division 4. The competing teams are the best in the England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This currently includes the Channel Islands within the thirty eight teams in total. There are four fixtures each year. Bedford and County AC competed in Division 3 in 2009 Division 4 in 2010 and narrowly missed keeping our place for 2011 & regaining for 2012.  However we were successful in regaining a place in the British Athletic League Division 4 for the Summer of 2013 and won promotion to Division 3 for 2014 and competed in that Division in 2015 when Bedford won promotion to Division 2 for the 2016 season but were relegated to Division 3 for 2017 & maintained that place for 2018.

The BAL generally follows UK Athletic rules on Higher Claim and Foreign Athletes who have to be registered well in advance of the competitive season. If you are interested in competing for Bedford and County AC as a higher claim or foreign athlete please contact our team managers to discuss the possibility. Likewise contact our team manager if you are an athlete moving to our area and seeking a quality first claim club.  

To contact the Team Managers -

If you are already a member or are interested in competing for Bedford and County AC please contact our team managers.  

Southern Athletics League

From 2012 Bedford & County AC have run a combined Men’s and Women’s team in the Southern Athletics League in Division 2 North East.  The league was restructured in 2013 at Division 2 level and the club competed in Division 2 North. The club won promotion to Division 1 for 2014 and has competed in that Division since 2015.

The league offers a full range of track & field events however the longer track races alternate as follows:

Men’s 5000m matches 1, 3 & 5, 3000m matches 2 & 4 - Women’s 3000m all matches

Men’s Steeplechase 3000m matches 2 & 4, 2000m matches 1, 3 & 5.

Women’s Steeplechase 1500m matches 1,3 & 5, 2000m matches 2 & 4

From 2016

Bedford has joined with Chiltern Harriers to field a joint “B” team in the lower part of league to provide more opportunities for competition for the senior men.