National Road Relays

The national road relays take place at Sutton Park near Birmingham The races are the Senior Men’s 6 stage race & the Senior Women’s 4 stage race take place.  There are also Young Athletes races over 3 legs take place for boys and girls in the U13, U15 and U17 age categories.

Recent Results

Senior Men

2017 14th Matt Bergin =7 fastest

2016 20th

2015 14th

2014 19th

2013 24th  B team 52nd

2012 16th, Matt Bergin 10th fastest

2011 11th, Neilson Hall 10th fastest

2010 1st, Mark Draper 2nd fastest

2009 4th, Neilson Hall 6th fastest

2008 9th, Neilson Hall 9th fastest

2007 7th

2006 7th

Senior Women

2017 30th

2016 49th

2015 4th B team 19th

2014 10th

2013 17th

2012 24th

2011 9th

2010 No team

2009 5th, Jo Wilkinson 8th fastest

2008 6th, Jo Wilkinson 10th fastest

2007 4th

2006 9th

Young Athletes


U13 Girls 41st

U15 Girls 15th Sofia Persusko 7th fastest

U17 Women 8th Tia Wilson 5th fastest

U13 Boys 6th Zena Saez 3rd fastest

U15 Boys 14th

U17 Men 20th


U13 Girls 28th

U15 Girls 18th

U17 Women 8th

U13 Boys 9th

U15 Boys 21st

U17 Men 30th


U13 Girls dnf

U15 Girls 23rd

U17 Women 10th

U13 Boys 22nd

U15 boys - No team

U17 Men 7th


U13 Girls 29th

U15 Girls 2nd

U17 Women 32nd

U13 Boys 8th

U15 Boys 15th

U17 Men 7th


U13 Girls 10th

U15 Girls 8th

U17 dnf

U13 Boys 11th

U15 Boys THIRD

U17 Men 8th

2012 postponed to spring 2013

U13 Girls 5th, rearranged date clashed with EYAL fixture.


U13 Girls 30th

U15 Girls 12th

U17 Women 9th

U20 Women 16th Alice Burgin 10th fastest

U13 Boys Second

U15 Boys 7th

U17 Men 14th

U20 Men 6th


U13 Girls 9th

U15 Girls 34th - A team disqualified

U17 Women 12th

U13 Boys 21st

U15 Boys 11th

U17 Men 18th


U13 Girls 17th

U15 Girls 3rd, Rebecca Murray 9th fastest

U17 Girls 2nd, Emily Wallbank 3rd fastest

U13 Boys 24th, Kieran McQue 10th fastest

U15 Boys 5th

U17 Boys 11th, Jack Goodwin running the 8th fastest time


U13 Girls 2nd, Alanah Harris 3rd fastest

U15 Girls 2nd, Emily Wallbank 3rd fastest

U17 Girls 10th

U13 Boys 4th

U15 Boys 12th

U17 Boys 14th


U13 Girls 18th

U15 Girls 8th, Abigail Mackinnon Austin 10th fastest

U17 Girls 22nd

U13 Boys 3rd, Kenneth Mason 7th fastest

U15 Boys 3rd Jack Goodwin 7th fastest

U17 Boys 7th, Ryan Parker 4th fastest


U13 Girls 7th

U15 Girls 3rd

U17 Girls no team

U13 Boys 23rd

U15 Boys 8th

U17 Boys 5th, Ryan Parker 6th fastest