English National Cross Country Championships

The English National cross country championships take place each year at the end of February.

The meeting consists of a full programme of races for men and women through the age ranges Under 13, Under 15, Under 17, Under 20 and Seniors. The event culminates with the mass start of the Senior Mens race.

Recent Results


Senior Men Third, Jack Goodwin 26th, Darren Deed  27th.

Senior Women 40th

U20 Men 7th

U20 Women 6th.

U17 Men 18th

U15 Boys 16th

U15 Incomplete team, Tia Wilson 6th

U13 boys 11th

U13 Girls 31st


Senior Men 8th, Steve Naylor 17th.

Senior Women 6th Rebecca Murray 5th, Rachel Humphreys 15th.

U20 Men 6th Jack Douglas 8th.

U20 Women THIRD.

U17 Men THIRD, Ben Davies THIRD

U15 boys 23rd.

U15 girls 5th Tia Wilson 5th

U13 boys 15th

U13 Girls incomplete team


Senior Men SECOND, Neilson Hall 12th

Senior Women 39th

U20 Men 4th

U20 Women Rebecca Murray FIRST,

U17 Men 6th

U15 boys 8th

U15 girls 4th

U13 boys 39th

U13 Girls Tia Wilson 5th


Senior Men FIRST, Jack Goodwin 15th.

U20 Men 4th, Matt Leach 9th.

U20 Women 6th, Rachel Murray 6th.

U17 Men 6th.

U15 Boys FIRST, Stan Willis 5th, Ben Davies 6th.

U15 Girls 11th.

U13 Boys 17th.

U13 Girls 33rd.


Senior Men 4th, Neilson Hall 3rd

U20 Men 3rd

U20 Women 2nd, Rebecca Murray 6th

U17 Med 3rd Jack Douglas 9th, Ryan Isaacson 10th

U15 Boys 5th

U13 Boys Freddie Ayre 2nd

U13 Girls 8th


Senior Men 4th, (3rd nine to score), Neilson Hall 8th

U17 Men 4th, Ryan Isaacson 2nd

U17 Women, Rebecca Murray 7th

U15 Boys 6th

U15 Girls 12th

U13 Boys 1st, Tom Angell 7th

U13 Girls 22nd


Senior Men 3rd, Neilson Hall 10th

Senior Women 7th, Liz Yelling 3rd, Nicky Sykes 9th

U17 Women Rebecca Murray 7th

U15 Boys 3rd, Ryan Isaacson 4th


Senior Men 3rd, Neilson Hall 4th

U17 Men Jack Goodwin 5th

U17 Women 3rd, Emily Wallbank 3rd

U15 Girls 2nd, Rebecca Murray 8th


Senior Men 2nd, Neilson Hall 9th

Senior Women Nick Sykes 9th

U17 Men Jack Goodwin 8th

U15 Girls 3rd, Emily Wallbank 4th

U13 Girls 4th

English National Cross Country Relays

The national cross country relays take place annually usually in late October at Berry Hill Park, Mansfield. The championship has a full programme of relay races for both male and female age groups from U13 through to Seniors. Contact your team manager if you want to run.

In 2008 the senior mens team won the National Championships for the first time and repeated the feat in 2010.

Recent team results in the relays


U13 Girls 36th, U13 Boys 21st, U15 Girls 22nd, U15 Boys 34th, U17 Women 18th, U17 Men 55th, U20 Women 15th, U20 Men 5th, Senior Women 8th, Senior Men 6th.


U13 Boys 37th, U15 Girls 9th, U15 Boys 48th, U17 Women 14th, U17 Men SECOND, U20 Women 6th, U20 Men 8th, Senior Women 8th, Senior Men 19th.


U13 Girls 12th, U13 Boys 9th, U15 Girls 5th, U15 Boys 27th, U17 Women 46th, U17 Men 6th, U20 Women 8th, U20 Men 8th, Senior Women 14th, Senior Men 8th.


U13 Girls 18th, U13 Boys 21st U15 Girls 23rd, U15 Boys 2nd, U17 Women 26th, U17 Men 10th, U20 Women 3rd, U20 Men 13th, Senior Women 43rd, Senior Men 3rd.


U13 Girls 19th, U13 Boys 21st, U15 Girls 10th, U15 Boys 15th, U17 Women 30th, U17 Men 18th, U20 Women 11th, U20 Men 10th, Senior Women 32nd, Senior Men 7th.


U13 Girls 30th, U13 Boys 2nd, U15 Girls 12th, U15 Boys 7th, U17 Women 9th, U17 Men 14th, U20 Women 16th, U20 Men 6th, Senior Women 9th, Senior Men 11th.


U13 Girls 17th, U13 Boys 33rd, U15 Girls 12th, U15 Boys 12th, U17 Women 9th, U17 Men 21st,

U20 Women 11th, U20 Men 13th,Senior Women no team, Senior Men 1st - Mark Draper fastest leg


U13 Girls 28th U13 Boys 24th U15 Girls 5th U15 Boys 4th, U17 Women 21st, U17 Men 6th,

Senior Women 5th, Senior Men 1st.


U13 Girls 6th, U13 Boys 10th, U15 Girls 4th, U15 Boys 7th, U17 Women 8th, U17 Men 11th

Junior Women 10th, Junior Men 12th, Senior Women 10th, Senior Men 1st.


U13 Girls 9th, U13 Boys 8th, U15 Girls 2nd, U15 Boys 2nd, U17 Women 31st, U17 Men 4th,

Junior Women 11th, Junior Men 31st, Senior Women 14th - Katrina Wootton 3rd fastest, Senior Men 3rd


U13 Girls 3rd U13 Boys 9th U15 Girls 5th U15 Boys 17th U17 Women 20th U17 Men 11th

Junior Women 10th Junior Men 21st Senior Women 3rd - Liz Yelling 2nd fastest Senior Men 6th


U13 Girls 18th U13 Boys 8th U15 Girls 21st U15 Boys no team U17 Women 18th U17 Men 28th

Junior Women 1st - Nicky Sykes fastest, Katrina Wootton 2nd fastest Junior Men 19th Senior Women 29th, Senior Men 13th