Club Policy on Trophies

1. Trophies are of two kinds:

i.  Those which become the property of the winner, and

ii.  ‘Annual’ trophies which remain the property of the club or organisation which has donated them.  

2. A Trophy Steward (or his/her deputy), appointed by the Management Committee, will organise the engraving and safe keeping of all annual trophies on behalf of the club.  A list of dates by which the trophies must be returned for competition will be sent to Team Managers in good time to retrieve the relevant trophies.

Annual Club Trophies

3. All trophies that are presented at the Spring and Autumn Awards Evenings will be engraved with relevant names and dates before they are presented.   An athlete, or whoever collects the trophy on his/her behalf, will be required to sign for the receipt of an annual trophy.   This implies an undertaking to look after the trophy and to return it in good condition when requested before the next Awards Evening.   If a trophy is damaged through carelessness, or is lost, the trophy will be repaired, or replaced, and the athlete, his/her parents or guardians, will be invoiced for the cost.   

Annual Team Trophies won by Bedford & County AC

4. In League, County, Regional (e.g., Southern), National and International competitions, be they Track and Field, Cross Country or Road, winning club teams may be awarded trophies that do not belong to Bedford & County AC.  The club will take responsibility for engraving those which are won by a Bedford & County team, unless the organisers have their own arrangements.

5. The Trophy Steward will:

Ensure the safe keeping of all team trophies at the club;

Organise the engraving of all team trophies and will be responsible for the return of the trophies in time for the next annual competition;

Keep a log of these and their approximate value (for insurance purposes);

Ensure that team trophies are available to team managers for safe return on or before the next annual competition.

Annual Individual Trophies won by Bedford & County Athletes

6. Annual trophies won for individual performances in competitions which the athletes have chosen to enter are the sole responsibility of the athlete.   The athlete, or their parents or guardians, is responsible for the care of the trophy, its engraving and its return on the due date to the competition organiser.   Advice on engraving may, if required, be given by the Trophy Steward.

7. Annual trophies won for individual performances in competitions for which the athletes have been entered by the club are ultimately the responsibility of the club.  

An individual athlete may, however, retain possession of the trophy, but will be required to sign for it, thus agreeing responsibility for its safekeeping and return to the competition organiser when required.  

It is the responsibility of the Team Manager to notify the Trophy Steward when an individual trophy has been won.  The Trophy Steward will then remind both Team Manager and individual athlete of the date for return.  

The trophy’s engraving will be the responsibility of the club and the Trophy Steward will make the necessary arrangements with the Team Manager for collection from, and return of the trophy to, the athlete.  

Should the athlete not wish to retain the trophy, the club will hold it on behalf of the athlete, the same procedures as set out in para. 5 above applying.

Policy agreed by Management Committee May 2009